PhotoVoice is a UK based charity that uses ethical photography to promote positive social change.
Consultancy and Commissions

PhotoVoice has designed and delivered participatory photography projects on behalf of organisations all over the world, covering a variety of different topics, issues, and types of engagement.

Drawing from PhotoVoice’s award-winning expertise and extensive experience, we have delivered projects for organisations including the Overseas Development Institute, Red Cross, Save the Children, Frontline AIDS, Christian Aid and many more.

How we work

PhotoVoice can work in partnership to design and deliver participatory workshops anywhere in the world. Our methodology can be applied to:

  • Community engagement in programmes
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Communications
  • Advocacy and campaigns
  • Skills building for community-based organisations

PhotoVoice’s activities are guided by its Statement of Ethical Practice.


PhotoVoice have designed a course for us to help our Members not only establish a their photography but also find their ’voice’ through their pictures. The feedback has been incredible, they have been able to work with a multitude of levels in one class to give every Member more tools for their photography tool box.

Blesma, The Limbless Veterans

Working with engaged professionals at PhotoVoice has been a satisfying process of mutual learning and trust. The quality of their work is beyond expectations and the flexibility and adaptability to the needs and requests both during planning process and reporting phase is remarkable.

British Red Cross

The photographs produced by participants are of a very high standard – attracting the attention of national media – and several researchers across the Institute have remarked on the extent to which the project, far from just being useful from a ‘communications’ perspective, has served to triangulate their research findings and shown them the potential of such innovative research methods as participatory photography.

The Overseas Development Institute

Working with PhotoVoice has been an absolute pleasure over the last year. Our aim was to tell the stories of some of our beneficiaries through their eyes, rather than telling the stories for them, as so often happens. The results have been fantastic, both from our point of view in London and for the participants themselves.
All in all, first rate work and a unique, stand-out approach to communicating the voices of those that are often left unheard.

Christian Aid

Why PhotoVoice?

PhotoVoice has more than a 15 years of experience in working all over the world with underrepresented or issue affected communities. We have helped to develop the skills and equipment needed to use digital photography as a tool of communication. We have then developed programmes and systems which allow these unique images and stories to reach the people who can bring about change.

By providing expertise in the practical and ethical use of photography, we have facilitated productive, positive, and constructive dialogue between organisations, their beneficiaries, and other stakeholders. This increases the effectiveness, responsiveness and relevance of programmes, can help identify new opportunities and priorities, and provides valuable evidence from the field to help organisations communicate the impact of their work.

Why photography?

Photography is a highly flexible tool that crosses cultural and linguistic barriers, and can be adapted to all abilities. It can effectively and powerfully communicate perspectives to other stakeholders and decision-makers, which can be directly linked to informed, appropriate change. The PhotoVoice process provides participants with increased skills in photography, visual literacy and self-advocacy, building increased confidence in voicing opinions and perspectives in an articulate way.

Being a visual medium, photography doesn’t just ‘tell’ about its subject but also ‘shows’ it. A photograph is an incredibly versatile format for sharing information about projects. Within workshops the photos can be displayed and discussed as soon as they are taken, encouraging valuable group debate and dialogue. After the workshops, photos can be shared electronically across the world in seconds via the internet, or displayed in places with no electricity by being printed for exhibitions, or reproduced in postcards, leaflets or books. This ensures that the voices and perspectives of the participants can reach whoever needs to see them. PhotoVoice has expertise in creating context-appropriate exhibitions in a huge variety of challenging environments.

Consultancy Enquiry

Please note that PhotoVoice has a small core team who are often away on fieldwork. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.