Mysterious Youth Eyes

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Project Location:


Project Manager: 

Matt Daw

Project Facilitators:

Matt Daw, Gemma Taylor

Partner Organisation:

International HIV/AIDS Alliance


International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Local Support/Translation:

Thiha Nyi Nyi / Richard, with special thanks to Sanford and Htun

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Meet the photographers:



I am MSM and a social worker. Some people ignore people’s sorrows and depression, but I always feel sympathy and want to help. My project shows the everyday life and routine of transgender people, showing that they have lives very much like anyone else with good jobs, friends and lots of other similarities that people can relate to. I want to tackle stigma based on misunderstanding that if someone is transgender they must be a thief, or a sex worker etc.

A Lay

My hands are important to me because I am always using them to help key populations in any way I can.


I like to wear men’s clothes, I love hats. Most people don’t like to wear hats but I think hats are very desirable items.

Char Coal

I am a transgender woman, my family and society always discriminate against me, but I don’t allow it to stop me continuing with my life and socialising with friends.

Mone Mann Htet

I am a young person working for HIV prevention, care and support, and educating people about sexual and reproductive health. I also want other young people to do the same, and improve life.

Naing Naing

Violence against the MSM community is a common issue. It affects HIV transmission too – sexual violence without a condom can spread HIV and this can be something that MSMs are at risk of, especially sex workers. We have many pagoda festivals, and MSMs and sex workers go there to find sexual partners or clients amongst the crowds. Some men pretend to be their clients but when they are alone with them they sexually assault them and leave them with no payment and sometimes steal what they have.


I am a peer outreach worker supporting sex workers.

Baby C

I am very open, I hate pretending but there are many secrets in young people, and I’m one of them, but now I want to disclose. If you want to know my secrets look at my eyes.

Sue Chol

I’d like to switch people on to thinking of same-sex couples as equal.

Htin Ka Ra (Economics)

You can see from this photo that I am a young person wearing fashionable clothes. My friends say that my hands are very beautiful. The light shows I am hopeful about my future.