Update from PhotoVoice


We’ve been a little quiet of late, working on a few things behind the scenes. We’ve got some exciting projects news which we’re looking forward to announcing, along with new training dates and some other updates.

In early 2019, we will be launching a whole range of exciting things. But we’re not quite ready yet. In the meantime, you won’t see huge amounts of new content on this website while we work on our new site, but you can keep in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter. So in early 2019, we hope you are as excited as us about:

  • A new website
  • New training dates throughout 2019
  • Announcements about new projects
  • A new updated supporter scheme with new resources and content

While we develop this, we will be temporarily stopping new members signing up, but don’t worry – you should still be able to access old resources. For those members who have signed up in last two months, we will be extending your membership for a full year from the date the new scheme is launched. Here’s looking forward to 2019!