PhotoVoice Statement of Ethical Practice

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Statement of Ethical Practice

Ethical issues arise as an everyday part of participatory work with vulnerable groups, especially when the resulting images are used publicly. PhotoVoice sees a range of issues arising repeatedly across different projects. If these issues are not given due consideration, prior to as well as during a project, there is the potential for the project to do more harm than good.

Download the Statement of Ethical Practice (PDF)


  • highlight the full range of potential issues that might arise in a project
  • make others, particularly funders, facilitators and partner organisations, aware of the typical ethical issues that arise
  • demonstrate the standards that PhotoVoice regards as responsible practice
  • create a framework for discussing and agreeing procedures for managing ethical issues.

PhotoVoice believes that being open and alert to these issues and allowing time for discussion and reflection is the best starting point for good practice. PhotoVoice incorporates ethical considerations into its initial assessment of a project.