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Employment opportunities at PhotoVoice

There are no vacancies currently at PhotoVoice.


PhotoVoice has a small core team. Information relating to new employment opportunities are provided on our website and in our newsletter (sign up here). We are unable to consider unsolicited employment requests.


PhotoVoice does not provide unpaid internships.

Volunteering for PhotoVoice

PhotoVoice is not able to support volunteers attending its projects.

Freelancers, photographers, and other temporary positions

PhotoVoice occasionally works with freelance positions particular to certain projects. However, we tailor these positions to the relevant project, and it is unlikely we will be able to consider unsolicited freelance requests.

Suppliers and other service providers

PhotoVoice will not consider unsolicited approaches from suppliers or service providers. We’re fine with our IT set up, we like the phone system we have, we don’t want to switch our gas supplier, and as we’re a charity, we don’t have a PPI claim to make.

If you would like to contact PhotoVoice, please complete the online contact form.

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