Bespoke PhotoVoice Training

We can deliver training designed around your project needs

Tailored Training from PhotoVoice

If you or your organisation are thinking of running your own participatory photography project, but would like some support or insight into developing it, PhotoVoice is able to provide a bespoke training course and additional consultancy support.

This is available as a 4-day in-person course (6 days online), which uses PhotoVoice’s acclaimed training course as its starting point, with key aspects of the curriculum tailored to the specific needs of your project or organisation.

These courses suit teams or multiple staff members from within the same organisation/project, and are only available as commissioned activities. We can deliver the training in person for up to 12 attendees, or online for up to 10.

Online training is delivered via our learning platform PhotoVoice CONNECT, which includes four 3.5 hour long live sessions and independent learning which includes videos, reading and reflective assignments.

Available Modules

  • What is participatory photography?
  • Photography as a participatory medium
  • Visual literacy
  • Facilitation skills
  • Ethics, ethical approval, informed consent and copyright
  • Understanding and working with risk
  • Creating a safe space
  • Working with text
  • Participatory editing
  • Creating outputs
  • Research
  • Working online
  • Participatory photography for advocacy and campaigns
  • Photo elicitation
  • Using the cameras
  • Power dynamics and addressing bias
  • Workshop and project design planning and practicalities

Other modules can be designed based on your organisation’s needs.

We will also develop a bespoke project plan for you, based on the training provided, and co-designed with you on the final day.

This course will also involve some engagement with key individuals within the commissioning organisation to ensure that the training meets their requirements. They can be delivered anywhere in the world in-person or online.

If required, additional consultancy days can be agreed following the training. These can be used to provide reactive support during your project delivery.


Standard rate: £7000

Please note that all in person travel and subsistence rates will be in addition to the training fee above.


"Really understanding the fun and power of photos. It was good to do so much reflecting."

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, July 2022

"I enjoyed being part of the group, learning about how other people's thoughts, experiences through photos. Also the training has really made me think about how we will deliver it to particular groups, or how we would have to adapt."

West Argyll, Scotland, May 2023

"I wasn't 100% sure what to expect, but I was 'curious'. What was delivered was above + beyond. I really enjoyed adding text to photos and how powerful this can make the image - also the facilitator's enthusiasm + wealth of knowledge."

Jersey, September 2023

"It will be very useful, especially for community relationships and organisation, building trust with each other, and the satisfaction of the community."

Hargesia, Somaliland, December 2019

"The facilitator was fantastic at keeping the group going, interacting with everyone and keep energy levels high. So much fantastic knowledge, information, and powerful stories."

West Argyll, Scotland, May 2023

Evaluation Summaries 2022 - 2023

Bespoke Training Courses
  • The course met my objectives: 95% agree or strongly agree
  • I would recommend this course: 100% agree or strongly agree
  • I feel confident in my ability to run participatory photography workshops: 84% agree or strongly agree
  • The training content met my expectations: 94% agree or strongly agree
Ratings out of 5
  • The facilitator: 4.89
  • The workshop content: 4.63
  • The workshop length: 4.31
  • The workshop materials: 4.74

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