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Blurb was founded in 2006 by CEO Eileen Gittins on the premise that everyone—not just the talented few—should be able to publish, share and distribute beautifully realised books with first class production values. Blurb’s indie publishing platform offers the ability to design, publish, share, market, distribute and sell both digital and print books. Further, Blurb puts independent publishers in full control by providing a comprehensive publishing toolkit: a suite of free book design tools, a variety of print and distribution options, book format and paper choices, plus online selling and social sharing tools. Blurb now enjoys global scale via 1.1 million book creators, resulting in over 2.8 million unique book titles delivered to more than 70 countries.

With Blurb’s publishing platform, any author or book-maker can bring his or her creative vision to life in both print and ebooks. There are millions of stories just waiting to be told. We want people to tell them with Blurb.

Explore the capabilities of our new, free desktop app, BlurbBookWright™. Or if you have serious design chops then you’ll want to grab our free plug-in http://www.blurb.co.uk/indesign-plugin for Adobe® InDesign®.

Join our community and sign up to Blurb Stories, our ever-expanding collection of inspiring, informational, and instructional articles exploring the world of self-publishing⎯everything from ideation to publication to promotion. 




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