development progress
Development Progress
Introducing photography to those at the grassroots of development.
And We Shall Find Tales in the Shadows
PhotoVoice and World Vision UK worked with young Syrian refugees in Jordan.
voice of freedom
Voice of Freedom
A project that works with women who have escaped trafficking in Sudan and Sinai.
mysterious youth eyes
Mysterious Youth Eyes
PhotoVoice and the International Aids/HIV Alliance work with with representatives from key groups affected by HIV in the South Asian nation of Myanmar.
ImAGE Ethiopia
PhotoVoice worked in Ethiopia to give elderly people the skills and confidence needed to share their lives through photography.
CAFOD Wash Project
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A water and sanitary health project in Zimbabwe.
Images of Foul Play
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Caste Discrimination is one of the worst and most widespread human rights abuses existing today. It is India’s ‘Hidden Apartheid’.
Able Voices
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PhotoVoice partnered with Healthlink World Wide to give disabled communities across Africa and Asia a platform to voice their needs, concerns and experiences.
Making Waves
In 2005 PhotoVoice worked in partnership with Save the Children to put cameras in the hands of young people whose lives had been devastated by the tsunami that hit Sir Lanka in 2004.
Eyes of Youth
PhotoVoice partnered with World Vision to use photography to explore, highlight and discuss potential solutions to a range of social issues affecting a deprived area of Albania.