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PhotoVoice Charity was first established as a company in 2000. It was registered as a charity in 2003, and operational activities were transferred to a separate Community Interest Company in 2022, which operates as PhotoVoice. 

PhotoVoice Charity is a charity registered in England and Wales with number 1096598, and in Scotland with number SC041918. It is a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales with company number 03938488.

PhotoVoice Charity exists to promote the ethical use of photography for positive social change, through supporting the delivery of innovative participatory photography projects. By working in partnership with organisations, communities, and individuals worldwide, it works to build the skills and capacity of underrepresented or at risk communities, creating new tools of self-advocacy and communication.

PhotoVoice Charity remains in existence in parallel with PhotoVoice, but they are separate organisations. References to PhotoVoice as a charity on this website may be in reference to activities and projects undertaken prior to the Community Interest Company being established. 

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PhotoVoice Charity - Annual Reports and Accounts

PhotoVoice Charity reports annually on its activities and activities to the Charity Commission, following the requirements set out in the Statement of Recommended Practice, and to the Scottish Charity Regulator.

This provides a comprehensive overview of the different sources of income PhotoVoice Charity has received throughout the year, and the ways in which funds have been spent.

They can be viewed on the Charity Commission website, or at the Scottish Charity Regulator. Additional information is available at Companies House.

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