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Introductory and comprehensive training in participatory photography

PhotoVoice Online Training

Using our new bespoke participatory photography platform called PhotoVoice CONNECT, we are delighted to offer an online version of our acclaimed training course in designing and delivering a participatory photography programme. The course is run over five days within a single week. Group online sessions will be held on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and last for approximately 3-4 hours. Self-guided learning and photographic assignments ae undertaken at other points throughout the week, at the attendee’s convenience.

These courses suit individual practitioners from a range of disciplines, and are open for anybody to attend. They will cover a range of topics, using a combination of group sessions, self-guided learning, and photography activities, all of which can be used to help you gain insights into delivering your own participatory photography programme.

The curriculum covers:

  • What is participatory photography?
  • Photography as a tool for participation
  • Visual literacy
  • Workshop and project design practicalities
  • Facilitation skills
  • Ethics, informed consent and copyright
  • Understanding and working with risk
  • Creating a safe space
  • Working with text
  • Participatory editing

About PhotoVoice Connect

PhotoVoice CONNECT is a new approach to delivering participatory photography programmes and training courses online. It was developed by PhotoVoice in 2020 to recognise the impact of restrictions to in-person workshops and activities resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic, and established new ways of online community engagement which are compatible with our ethical approach.

PhotoVoice developed a new toolkit, supported by a bespoke online platform which provides a new way to achieve comprehensive community engagement online. The PhotoVoice CONNECT platform is not available anywhere else, and was designed following extensive testing with organisations, experts, and community members.

Emphasising the principles of ethical and safe engagement, PhotoVoice CONNECT combines elements which have been designed to ensure online projects and training activities are provided as effectively and safely as possible.

These tools are integrated to ensure that the user experience is seamless, with expert facilitators controlling the flow of content, information, and activities.


Online training using PhotoVoice Connect costs £725 per person, or £475 for PhotoVoice supporters. The courses are held at various times throughout the year, with start times changing to enable attendance from those living in different time zones.

Dates are announced via our newsletter

Upcoming Courses

Information about upcoming courses is available at PhotoVoice Connect. Click the button below to find out more.


Online Training Feedback

"I felt group participation was great and that everyone worked well together. The group rules was very helpful to cover all areas and how you would start this type of conversation. The sense of place was amazing how that worked with who I was partnered up with. The facilitator was able to make everyone feel comfortable, so that it felt like a safe and kind environment to share and discuss."

Course attendee, January 2021

"I was worried that the training course would be the typical webinar experience. I definitely felt more engaged with the topics having the opportunity to act as a participant. I felt the ice-breaker exercises were a great way to open and I really got a lot from the captioning exercises."

Course attendee, March 2023

"I found the independent learning to be easy to understand and follow. I would have struggled without the help of the facilitator as I'm not very good working with technology. Had the facilitator not been understanding or willing to assist me, I would have been in big trouble. So a huge THANK YOU! The facilitator is extremely approachable, very helpful and she has a clear understanding of the subject matter."

Course attendee, January 2023

"The independent learning was very useful in giving us information about PhotoVoice and participatory photography and then making us think about it and explore the ideas in our own ways."

Course attendee, February 2021

"I'm really happy with the experience and depth of knowledge that I have gained through the course and all of the conversations through the group. Thank you for such a wonderful training."

Course attendee, July 2022

"Being in the role of a participator was brilliant. It gave me some idea of what it is like to be on the other side of the process. In particular, the showing/sharing of images and captioning worked very well online. But, really everything worked for me - it was all straightforward to follow and the facilitator made it an enjoyable experience."

Course attendee, March 2022

"Loved our facilitator and group. Learned so much from everyone and the practice with taking and sharing photos added so much. Also thought the handbook was excellent and I will continue to refer to it in the future."

Course attendee, September 2021

"The independent learning resources were good, I enjoyed them. There was quite a bit to do, but not too much. The website / online platform worked well."

Course attendee, August 2021

"I thought the independent learning materials were comprehensive and well designed. The website interface was really impressive in terms of how to access the materials. I liked that we were asked to write comments responding to questions raised by the materials."

Course attendee, October 2021

Evaluation Summaries (2021 - 2023)

Feedback collated from 115 respondents, attending 24 courses.
  • The course met my objectives: 96% agree or strongly agree
  • I would recommend this course: 96% agree or strongly agree
  • I feel confident in my ability to run participatory photography courses: 91% agree or strongly agree
  • The training content met my expectations: 97% agree or strongly agree
Ratings (average out of 5)
  • The facilitator: 4.69
  • The online experience: 4.3
  • The course length: 4.08
  • The course handbook: 4.46
  • The independent learning resources: 4.33
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