Having Our Say 3 is Exhibited at Sotheby’s

On the 12th January, PhotoVoice hosted an event at Sotheby’s London auction house on New Bond Street as part of the PhotoVoice project Having Our Say 3.

Having Our Say 3 is a photographic and digital storytelling project that offers young people the opportunity to explore and reflect on their experiences of, and perspectives on, the impact of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Following participatory workshops with young people across the UK, PhotoVoice is developing a resource which provides support for professionals working within the sector and helps them to deliver the best possible provision.

The resource is informed by the experiences and perspectives of young people themselves. It will directly support other young people across the UK to understand the issues and contexts of sexual exploitation, furthering their capacity to safeguard themselves.

To celebrate and acknowledge the young people’s hard work, we brought all of the groups, from Manchester, Middlesbrough and Croydon together for the day. The young people were given a tour of Sotheby’s and its new exhibitions, a talk on the history of photography and then worked with the team to curate and hang their own work for the evening event. Before the young people welcomed their guests for the evening, the lovely Laura Pannack, gave a brilliant and engaging talk about what its like to be a photographer.


© Kate Watson 2017 | PhotoVoice | NWG | ‘Having Our Say 3’ | UK

It was a brilliant event, and we are so grateful to all those who braved the cold snowy weather to help us celebrate all of the young people’s hard work and bravery in sharing their stories.

Thanks also to the fabulous team at Sotheby’s, for all their support, hosting a brilliant event and for making all of our young people feel so welcome and inspired.

© Kate Watson 2017 | PhotoVoice | NWG | 'Having Our Say 3' | UK

© Kate Watson 2017 | PhotoVoice | NWG | ‘Having Our Say 3’ | UK

For any professionals interested, the resource includes:

  • creative and engaging activities
  • intervention-based practices for 1-2-1 support
  • advice on delivering successful group work within the sector
  • preventative activities to build future safeguarding
  • photography and digital stories made by other young people affected by the issue
  • signposting for reporting concerns and safeguarding information
  • information to support awareness-raising campaigns
  • inclusive activities designed for various demographics and settings

You can sign up for your free copy here. There will also be the opportunity to take part in free regional trainings in using the resource. Priority booking will be given to early sign ups to the website.

Feature image: © Kate Watson 2017 | PhotoVoice | NWG | ‘Having Our Say 3’ | UK