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This is a resource for service providers and professionals to deliver services and workshops that are directly informed by the experiences and perspectives of young people themselves. 

The activities have been created in response to the work made by the young people during the workshops, ensuring that input from the participants directly supports other young people across the UK to understand the issues and context of sexual exploitation, furthering their capacity to safeguard themselves. 

The resource draws upon current policy and government recommendations for the sector, and provides practitioners with a range of activities to ensure that they can establish support and the best possible provision. This includes: 

- awareness-raising preventative activities focusing on future safe guarding with young people 

- intervention based work to support practitioners working directly with affected young people at various stages in their provision 

- information about best practice for reporting concerns about victims or offenders 

- ideas for wider public awareness campaigns. 

This is based on Local Safeguarding Children’s Board mandatory provision, as well as drawing upon research of best practice from Youth, Education and Violence Against Women and Girls services.

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Caption Cards and Answer Sheet

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Treasure Hunt Cards

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Statistics Cards

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Activity Resources

Some of the activities require the use of images drawn from a variety of sources. These can be magazines, books, or downloaded from the internet.

Digital Stories

Each participant created their own digital story. Their images and text reflect their thoughts, perspectives and experiences of sexual exploitation.

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Types of Abuse Cards

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The Having Our Say 3 resource is free. However, please make a small donation to PhotoVoice to help with the costs of postage and packing. You can do so here.

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