Having Our Say Free Training

Having Our Say3 is a photographic and digital storytelling project that offers young people the opportunity to explore and reflect on their experiences of, and perspectives on, the impact of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

PhotoVoice partnered with the National Working Group network for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People, to run participatory photography projects across the UK. All contributing projects ran in partnership with specialist support providers who work directly with young people who have experienced sexual exploitation or who have been identified to be at risk.

This free training provides support for service providers and professionals in using the newly-designed resource to deliver services and workshops to others – directly informed by the experiences and perspectives of young people themselves. The activities contained in the resource have been created in response to their work, ensuring that the input from the participants directly supports other young people across the UK to understand the issues and context of sexual exploitation – furthering their capacity to safeguard themselves.

The resource draws upon up-to-date policy from government recommendations for the sector, and provides practitioners with a range of activities to ensure they can provide the best possible provision. This includes:

* awareness-raising preventative activities focusing on future safe-guarding with young people

* intervention-based work to support practitioners working directly with affected young people at various stages of their provision

* information about best practice for reporting concerns about victims or offenders

* ideas for wider public awareness campaigns.

The above is based on Local Safeguarding Children’s Board mandatory provision, as well as drawing upon research of best practice from Youth, Education and Violence Against Women and Girls services.

The training includes practical activities, support for running group sessions with young people and tips for using creativity within your practice. It is open to all practitioners of all experiences.

Please find free tickets for the training below. Both sessions will be held at Photofusion, 17A Electric Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LA 



We can come to you!

Alternatively, we can run the Having Our Say training at your office. All we need is a minimum of 8 people (maximum 18 people) and we will deliver the training for you wherever you are and it’s free! To find out more and to book please email info@photovoice.org


Featured image: “Sometimes it’s a good idea for young people to deactivate all of their social media accounts, and only give your number to someone you know and trust – people that are nice to you.” © Billie 2015 | PhotoVoice | NWG | ‘Having Our Say 3’ | UK