How Do You See Colour?

Participatory curation with photographic artists from black and people of colour communities

The participatory curation for an exhibition of the work of five UK based artists whose photography explores the experiences of some of the black and people of colour communities in Brighton and London.


London, UK

Kate Watson

Kate Watson and Lauren Parr

Socially Engaged Art Salon (SEAS)


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‘How do you see colour?’ is an exhibition delivered in partnership with the Socially Engaged Art Salon (SEAS), showing the works of five UK based artists whose socially engaged photographic practice explores the experiences of some of the black and people of colour communities in Brighton and London. Though a series of PhotoVoice participatory curatorial workshops, the artists worked collectively as co-curators, coming together to craft an event that explores themes on colourism, self-growth, racism and isolation. 

Through their work, the artists have allowed themselves to be vulnerable in sharing some of their personal and professional journeys in working as black and people of colour creatives with unique voices. From different walks of life, we see how they each walk the same path, discovering more about themselves and their community in their shared love for the arts. 

‘How do you see colour?’ celebrates the distinct voice of each artist and invites audiences to reflect on this diversity of ideas within the exhibition and beyond.

As part of Brighton Photo Fringe 2020, prints from the exhibition were exhibited at Brighton’s Jubilee Library and the Black and Minority Ethnic Community Centre through out October and November.  

Watch the Artists and Co-Curators in conversation to learn more about the project as they discuss the curation process, their works and life experiences, and the potential for socially engaged photography as a catalyst for change:


Artists Panel Discussion


“In my experience photography and a supportive group don’t always go hand in hand, so it was good to be a part of one plus working with other artists with different perspectives was enriching. It felt great to be able to speak openly as creatives. It was validating.”

– Artist / Co-Curator

“I am really happy with presentation, I was a bit nervous by sharing my experience but I am glad I did. May I say thank you to you both for creating a safe and positive space for me to be myself.”

– Artist / Co-Curator 

“[…]I was welcomed warmly and felt totally included, it was great to work with the team from PhotoVoice and to meet other Black creatives in my city, to see their work, and share a space with them in expressing our creativity.” 

– Artist / Co-Curator

It was also my first experience working with other creatives at this scale and I believe the lessons learned from those interactions were helpful and is something I’ll carry on to future projects.”

– Artist / Co-Curator


Jade Hylton
Jade Hylton is a Mixed Black British photographer, art model, creative events promoter, writer, and artist from Brighton. Alongside being a creative in a multitude of mediums and learning about her ethnicity and cultural heritage, she hopes to not only educate herself, but others, in her creative and self-journey. Slowly bringing her art into the professional spectrum, in 2019 she exhibited her ‘Black Brighton’ photography project in Chengdu, China.

She has recently read her poetry for the Siegfried x Lush Fundraising event at Brighton’s BLM protest on the 11th June 2020, and has future projects planned to work with a small business in printing her designs on apparel, to raise and donate money to charity. Jade also has plans to start a Life art class to introduce the life modelling world to more Black, and Ethnic minority creatives in Brighton. 

Diensen Pamben
Diensen Pamben began his career in broadcast television in 1998 developing through various roles on factual programmes for ITV, C4, Sky and the BBC. With a strong interest in creating images he became a cameraman filming factual TV and travel. 

In 2009 he trained to become a press photographer and worked for a press agency in the West Midlands photographing assignments for the national newspapers covering breaking news stories, sports and features which included the riots of 2011. 

Today he is a freelance photographer exploring themes of race, culture and mental health. 

Deshé Gully
Deshé Gully is a media creative specializing in creating content for social and humanitarian causes. Having studied interactive practices, his work attempts to link sound and visuals to create immersive experiences that invoke various senses within his audience.

From Los Angeles, California, Deshé has spent the last few years of his life acquiring global perspectives by living in various locations such as Australia and China. Through these experiences he has developed a passion for speaking to global humanitarian narratives. Through his work he hopes to share the lived experiences of his subjects, allowing their story to take precedence and guide the work over striving for visual aesthetics.

Deshé has his master’s in Media Practice for Development and Social Change from the University of Sussex. Though new to the exhibiting space, he hopes to continue his work in giving a platform to voices that may otherwise not have found one.

Crystal Alleyne
Crystal Alleyne is a photographer who was born in Trinidad and Tobago and currently lives in the UK. In 2019, Crystal completed a 3-month workshop introductory course to photography, fashion, creative writing, and podcasting with Accumulate, a charity that provides creative workshops to young people affected by homelessness. In 2019, her work was exhibited in ‘Accumulate: Youth Culture’ at Autograph, London. Crystal found the exhibition and her involvement in its curation an exciting/great opportunity and thrived on being in a creative space. That year she became one of the recipients of the Accumulate Scholarship Programme and was supported to study Design at Ravensbourne University, where she gained a Diploma.

Crystal’s photography explores personal experience and nature, capturing what she describes as “precious moments”. She is specifically interested in colour and pattern.

In 2020, Crystal will be attending Ravensbourne University to pursue a three-year Degree in Graphic Design where she intends to continue her photography work and, as she explains: “to grasp more knowledge in photography as there is still more to learn and life is continuous learning process.”

Koffi  Nguessan 
Koffi Nguessan is originally from the Ivory Coast and has been living in the UK since 2015. After working with Accumulate, a UK charity that provides creative workshops to young people affected by homelessness, Koffi’s work was exhibited in the Autograph’s prominent exhibition ‘Accumulate: Youth Culture’ at Autograph, in London, 2019. That year Koffi became one of the recipients of the Accumulate Scholarship Programme and is currently studying a foundation course at Ravensbourne University in order to achieve a degree in photography .

With a background in family farming, Koffi’s work explores nature and wildlife, in line with his passion as a climate activist for a better and breathable world.

“Throughout my courses, artist such Romain Maurer, Mary Sibande have inspired me and furthered my ambition to give a voice to nature, through my art.”