Ivano Kankonde

“The man on the left of the picture is my friend. I have known him for four years. Him and the band – the Congolese Youth Band – are very talented musicians. A while after we first met, we ended up living together, along with the drummer as well. One day they asked me to make a video of them with a camera they had bought. They were singing along to songs they had taped from the radio. I through it was very funny. I had never handled a camera before. Sometime later I got involved in a photography project with MTV, through the Refugee Council. After the project they invited us to an MTV show in Leicester Square. That was the day I first had the feeling that I wanted to do something in film and photography.”

© Ivano Kankonde 2008 | PhotoVoice | Dost | ‘New Londoners’ | UK


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