John Kobal Foundation Bursary Scheme 2012-2013

A bursary scheme to support exceptional project participants to continue developing their photographic skill.


Project Location:

Project Manager: 
Clare Struthers

Helen Cammock
Clare Struthers
Caroline Edge
Othello DeSouza Hartley
Nadege Meriau
Nottingham Photographers Hub

Workshop Providers: 
Ingrid Guyon
David Drew

John Kobal Foundation

Project Description:

PhotoVoice runs a bursary scheme to support photographers trained through our projects to continue developing their photographic skills and explore opportunities for work placements and further study and we are thrilled that the fantastic John Kobal Foundation generously supported eight PhotoVoice project participants, throughout 2012-2013.

After a discussion with each participant about the type of photography project they’d like to develop, together we devised a schedule of workshops in a range of different photographic practices to help them achieve their goals.


Project Aims:

  • To give exceptional participants from PhotoVoice projects the opportunity to continue their photographic or related educations.
  • To enable exceptional participants to transform their learning into vocational and income generation opportunity, thereby enhancing the quality of their lives.



After a discussion with each participant about the type of photography project they’d like to develop, together we devised a schedule of workshops in a range of different photographic practices to help them achieve their goals.

Each participant was given a DSLR camera, with a memory card, card reader and camera case, along with a laptop in order to be able to complete their personal projects at the initial weekend workshop organised for them, which introduced them to the basics of using an SLR camera, as most of them had never had the opportunity to use one before. After the initial workshop, another 3 workshops were organised, in studio photography, a photojournalism outshoot, and a final one in photo editing techniques.

They were all given the summer, supported by personal mentoring sessions with PhotoVoice to complete their personal projects.

Project Outputs:

Recipient’s work was exhibited in The Sunday Painter gallery in London in December 2013, coinciding with the celebration of completing the bursary scheme. Two of the participants have published their work as photo books and is available for purchase on


Mike Asiku, London

Mike’s project is about inspiring young people, he produced a book documenting his expedition to Iceland with the British Exploring Society this year, which is available to view and purchase online!

“The bursary has affected me … Now I know doing what I want to do is better than doing something that people tell you to do. I like photography, and when I did it I really enjoy it. And maybe it’s one of the things I want to continue doing.”

Mike has also signed up to become one of PhotoVoice’s first ever Youth Ambassadors, we are very honoured to have him on board!

Brandon Lane, London

Brandon’s project shows the long term effects of pollution on our urban environment replicated in 3D models.

“I chose to do this project because I want to leave the earth in a good condition for the next generation.”

Watch Brandon’s 3D model video on Youtube.

Denzel Hippolyte, London

Denzel explored cultural diversity in London through a series of environmental portraits, showing the positivity of it in the hope to change people’s perspective and opinions of race.

Isabella Okoh, London

Isabella produced A Book of Fables, showcasing her personally written fables, accompanied by her original artwork.

You can view and purchase Isabella’s book here.

Alisha Watts, Middlesborough

Alisha’s images individually symbolise different feelings she has about her experience of her illness.

Luke Hayes, Blackburn

Luke’s project, Finding My Space, 2013, explored spaces where he feels relaxed.

“These spaces are when I’m alone and in touch with nature.”

Ryan Crawford, Nottingham

Ryan’s project The Long Road Ahead  is about his journey of freedom from his home town Corby, that held bad memories, to expanding his horizons and fulfilling his potential, to Nottingham where he now lives.

“I couldn’t believe how good it felt to come in and see people looking at my work. When Jagdish asked whether I was excited about seeing my work on show I was like ‘yeah’, but when I came into the gallery and saw people were saying how good it was I felt like a kid on Christmas day!”

Ryan did representing PhotoVoice at the London Art Fair in January to speak as part of our panel debate.

Stephen Rawlinson, Bradford

Stephen’s project documents the challenges and joys of his life since his release from prison.

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