Leica Hosts an Interactive Photo Trail in Support of PhotoVoice

Jan 04 2016

Leica’s Store City in London has announced a new activity in support of PhotoVoice, announcing an interactive London photo trail with the proceeds donated to support our work.

The interactive photo walk will take place on 20th January 2016, and lead participants through London using the QuizTrail app. Starting at Bank tube station and ending at Leica’s Royal Exchange store, participants will be able to explore the city from a new perspective. The app will pose engaging questions at waypoints along the way and a host of photography opportunities will be presented. The participant who captures the best image on the day will win a signed copy of the ‘London Life’ book by celebrated photographer, Colin O’Brien.

The Leica Trail will draw participants into the detail of what they can see around them – perhaps views they have seen many times, but have never really considered from a photographic perspective. Brief directions will guide the photographer along the route, and red or green lights on their phone will advise them whether or not they are heading in the right direction. ‘Hints’ are provided if the participant requires additional help. Trail participants are recommended to work at a pace that suits them, having their knowledge of the surroundings gently tested during the walk. Those taking part will be encouraged to stop and take photos at certain locations.

Participants can register for the Leica Trail at QuizTrail.com and the QuizTrail App can be downloaded from the iTunes Store here.

Although the app is free to download, the Leica Trail will cost £2 to enter, with the proceeds donated in support of PhotoVoice.



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