“I felt very alert, focused, and attractive for the first time in a very long time. I have been going out with someone who physically and mentally abused me. My self-esteem was much higher. I felt good. I laughed today and enjoyed every moment.” Sandra

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This publication and CD-Rom documents Change the Picture, a participatory photography project with vulnerable women in London, and it brings together learning, reflection on practice and images and writing by the women who participated in the project.

It is a record of an experimental project that has broken new ground for PhotoVoice. There is limited documented and published research that discusses the impact and dynamics of creative visual work with highly vulnerable women outside of an art therapy framework. The project aimed to explore and discuss the dynamics of participatory photography with highly vulnerable groups – to deal with questions around ethics around participation, consent, the boundaries between private and public creative processes.

It is hoped that the learning will be of value to others working with creative and visual arts with vulnerable women.

Change the Picture involved a rich and considered project process. Everything presented in this publication is a result of shared work, observations, and continually ongoing discussions about the project and its methodologies. Huge thanks to all those who have participated from the women to the project facilitators and staff.

Tiffany Fairey

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