Mindset, Approach, Perspective

Scotland's first Managed Alcohol Programme for individuals experiencing homelessness and alcohol dependency.

A participatory photography research programme to understand the impact of Scotland’s first Managed Alcohol Programme for people affected by homelessness and alcohol dependency


Project Location:
Glasgow, UK

Project Managers:
Tom Elkins

Tom Elkins

Simon Community Scotland
University of Stirling

University of Stirling

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PhotoVoice worked with the University of Scotland to contribute to a research programme which evaluates the impact of Scotland’s first Managed Alcohol Programme (MAP). This programme provides community members who are experiencing alcohol dependence and homelessness, providing them with accommodation and controlled access to alcohol.

Simon Community Scotland described the MAP as giving the opportunity for residents to

  • live in a place that they call home
  • control their alcohol intake through an agreed alcohol plan with support from our team
  • engage with a range of primary care services that improves health and wellbeing
  • eat on a regular basis
  • participate  in a range of activities including music tuition and digital inclusion
  • reconnect with family and friends

All in a place where they feel safe.

As the first of its kind in Scotland, the University of Stirling in undertaking long-term research on the impact of this programme, its effectiveness, and the consequences of this harm-reduction approach in contributing to the issue of alcohol dependency and homelessness.

PhotoVoice delivered a series of seven workshops over a four week period with residents of the MAP. During these sessions, residents were provided with cameras, and encouraged to share their perspectives on a range of topics.

The resulting images and captions are being used by researchers at the University of Stirling to help undertake interviews with the men, and provide further insights into the effectiveness of this programme.

The workshops culminated in a series of captioned images which residents were happy to use to tell their story, and share information about the MAP.

Coming soon.


“The course content is perfect for initiating positive conversations with service users.”

“Seeing the guys engage with something different – it took a while for some of them to ‘get’ it, but when they did and it clicked, it was a lovely moment.”


“Everything was brilliant.”

“I enjoyed it.”

Thanks to Emma at the University of Stirling, and Peter and all of the wonderful staff at the MAP for their support.

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“I liked how it’s changed from death to life. And the colour with the bluebells. Death to life. It looks like a path at first. It’s a dead rotten tree but changing every day with the weather.”

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