My Home My Farm

To celebrate the completion of our MyPharm project in collaboration with Christian Aid, an exhibition at Kahaila Café on Brick Lane showcased a series of photographs taken by farmers in Northern Ghana.


Over the course of one year, PhotoVoice worked in partnership with Christian Aid as part of a programme called MyPharm, which aimed to help rural farmers in Ghana to increase income from their agricultural activities. PhotoVoice delivered workshops with 42 farmers in 3 districts of Northern Ghana. Participants used photography to capture the benefits, challenges and successes experienced on Christian Aid’s programme over a one year period, thereby building a ‘story of change’. You can find out more about the project here

Tom Elkins, CEO of PhotoVoice, Amanda Farrant, Christian Aid’s Donor Communications Adviser and Libby Powell, CEO of On Our Radar took part in a a panel discussion, looking at the impact of using communications tools to achieve change in developing countries. 

The ‘My Home, My Farm’ exhibition gave visitors the opportunity to see some of the positive images from the project, on topics which included water supplies, food security and women’s empowerment. After the panel discussion attendees were also invited to write postcards to participants in Ghana. 

Feature Image: © Peter/Christian Aid/PhotoVoice 2015 “This farmer got good yield and was happy”