New Londoners book given to new Hackney Citizens

November 3rd, 2023

PhotoVoice News

PhotoVoice is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Hackney Council and Trolley Books, where those attending their citizenship ceremony at Hackney Town Hall will be gifted with a copy of the acclaimed book ‘New Londoners’.

‘New Londoners’ was a project completed by PhotoVoice in 2008, which told the story of 15 young refugees from all over the world, following them as they rebuilt their lives to call London their home. The project was a collaboration between PhotoVoice and Dost, a community-based organisation providing services for young refugees and migrants in London.

The project culminated in a beautiful photo book printed by Trolley Books, which shares their stories and images.

Tom Elkins, PhotoVoice Director, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to give new UK citizens a copy of this book, which tells the story of a range of people across London. We hope that they find stories which resonate with their own experiences, and are even inspired to pick up a camera to share their own perspectives as they are welcomed to London and the UK.”

Hannah Watson, Director of Trolley Books said:

“The New Londoners book wonderfully shows how young people can tell their own stories through photography, and we are delighted that the book can continue to be shared with others going through similar experiences today.”

Hackney Councillor Chris Kennedy said:

“Across the portfolio areas that I cover, Health, Adults, the Voluntary Sector and Culture, one of the most repeated themes is about how important it is for residents to see themselves and their lived experience reflected back by the services offered to them. To be able to give people this wonderful book, in which we see new Londoners of all creeds and colours, as they become a citizen, is therefore an important act. I am delighted to have been able to play a small part in making it happen.”