New PhotoVoice Methodology Resource

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PhotoVoice has published a new resource in its methodology series. Titled ‘Categories of Assignment in Participatory Photography’, it covers a range of considerations when assigning tasks during participatory photography workshops. 

This resource introduces four categories of assignment, covering technical, direct, indirect, and participant generated, expands these into subcategories, and gives illustrative examples of how they can be applied, as well as considerations on the impact that they may have to a project or participant. 

‘Categories of Assignment in Participatory Photography’ is only available to PhotoVoice’s supporters, who can download it for free. Supporters receive discounts on our training courses, as well as supporting our work and the development of resources such as these. 

If you want to become a PhotoVoice supporter, visit PhotoVoice Connect. If you’re already a supporter, you can download the resource here

Mockups Design