NEW PhotoVoice Photography Competition

Our new photography competition is now live! Photographers from around the world are invited to submit images based on a theme which has been inspired by PhotoVoice’s past project ‘New Londoners’. Winners will have their images featured in the pages of Professional Photography, the market leading magazine for professional photographers.

Theme: Modern Society

Deadline: 15/11/2016

Judge: Lottie Davies  

Entry fee: Free for PhotoVoice members or £10 per entry

To commemorate the UN’s International Day of Tolerance on 16th November, submissions are invited based on the theme of ‘Modern Society’, inspired by this photograph by Tatianna Correia, of her citizenship ceremony.



I had my citizenship ceremony last summer and to my surprise it was quite emotional. The Town Hall provides a lovely service and makes sure citizens feel welcome and appreciated. It feels like a very positive symbol of ‘real’ multiculturalism. On the day I could not quite understand why we had to do all the different bits of the ceremony – including singing the hymn and pledging allegiance to the Queen. Many people there did not know what was happening due to language problems. I started thinking about what the whole process of citizenship means and about how these ceremonies are part of the changing and evolving process of modern societies.”

© Tatiana Correia 2008 | PhotoVoice | Dost | ‘New Londoners’ | UK


Tatianna was a participant on the PhotoVoice project ‘New Londoners’. In 2008, PhotoVoice worked with 15 young refugees from all over the world who had made London their home. Their stories and images provided a powerful insight into the experiences of refugees who had been forced to leave their homes.

Submissions are welcome from all genres of photography, with images that express what a modern society is or should be. Photographers are invited to interpret the theme in whatever way they would like and entries will be judged by the renowned and award winning photographer, Lottie Davies, whose unique style portrays tales, myths and personal histories.

This competition is run in partnership with Professional Photography, the market-leading magazine for professional photographers. Each issue celebrates world-leading professionals and their work through in-depth interviews and extensive photographic portfolios.