PhotoVoice patron and acclaimed photographer Nick Danziger talks about a decade long photojournalism project

Nick Danziger, patron of PhotoVoice and has just completed a decade long photojournalism project with World Vision.

In 2005, Nick travelled to eight different countries to document how the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were affecting different people, especially women and children. Ten years later, Nick returned to find the same individuals and families that he originally met with.

Returning to Estancia Arco in central Bolivia in 2015, Nick said “Over the last ten years a dramatic improvement has taken place in the quality of life and standard of living for many countries in rural areas.”

However, Nick still thinks that a lot of work needs to be done. For many of the individuals he captured, Nick says that life hasn’t changed enough since the implementation of the MDGs. “Now a decade on from my first visit, I am going back again, not just to measure the ability to overcome the odds for those that have survived – some have sadly died – but to listen and learn from them. To add their voices on what needs to be done for the post-2015 development agenda to reach the most vulnerable people on our planet.”

Nick spoke about this project, as well as the responsibility and accountability of photojournalism at the ‘Through the People’s Lens’ PhotoVoice and Overseas Development Institute exhibition at the Royal Geographic Society on 26th February 2015.