PhotoVoice's activities to promote, support and deliver ethical photography

Why photography?

PhotoVoice champions the use of photography as one of the most powerful tools available to help create social change. Photography crosses cultural and linguistic barriers, and is available to all abilities. It is both a form of creative expression and a way to record facts. It can describe realities, communicate perspectives, and raise awareness of individual, social and global issues and circumstances.

A photograph is the quickest and easiest way for somebody to document the realities of their circumstances. There is a cultural familiarity with photography that extends across the world; most people are engaged with photographs throughout their lives, and the skills to take photographs can be picked up relatively quickly, and by all abilities and ages.

Its relatively low cost and ease of distribution encourages sharing; facilitating dialogue and discussion even for those who have never picked up a camera before. With the right adaptations, planning, and conversations, photography can be made accessible to all.

PhotoVoice has delivered projects worldwide over its nearly 25 year history which highlight the power of photography to change lives. 

PhotoVoice's Approach

PhotoVoice prides itself on its ethical approach to using photography, which runs throughout our participatory photography programmes. We also work with the medium in a range of other ways, including:

  • Providing technical photographic training
  • Working with – and promoting the activities of – photographers who have a commitment to ethical photographic principles
  • Developing peer-led (as well as peer-generated) approaches to creating content for communications
  • Providing support, guidance and consultancy on photographic policies and processes, including informed consent, data retention, curation and exhibition, and representation.

Working with photographers

PhotoVoice also celebrates the works and activities of photographers, with a series of guest blogs, under different themes:

  • ‘Ten Questions With…’ asks established photographers to respond to a series of set questions to share their views on ethical and socially engaged photographic practices
  • ‘How Photography Helped Me’ celebrates the often transformative journeys which photographers can undertake as a result of their work and projects
  • ‘Ethical Photography’ showcases projects, activities, and exhibitions worldwide which champion the principles of photography as a tool of social change, community engagement, and representation.

The most recent posts from each of these series is available to view below. If you would like to submit an idea for a guest blog, please contact us

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