PhotoVoice and Arnolfini Gallery promoting ethical participation

PhotoVoice and the Arnolfini in Bristol have been working together to support the gallery’s new ‘NOW or NEVER programme‘. This programme ‘initiates cooperative spaces for 15-18 year olds to work with artists, thinkers and doers to create impactful creative ideas for new ways of living’.

The Arnolfini reached out to PhotoVoice to help staff develop new policies which ensure the programme takes into account the specific ethical considerations needed when delivering participatory projects. These include consent, copyright, safeguarding, and how outputs are used and shared.

Throughout the programme, young people will work with artists to ‘create and propose ways to bring about social change,’ along with a series of other activities and workshops.

Letty Clarke, Programme Assistant said “Co-Creation is an important part of Arnolfini’s new direction and with the help of PhotoVoice we’re setting new standards for how we work, ensuring that ownership and control is shared.”

PhotoVoice was delighted to be able to support this new programme using our extensive experience of working on acclaimed participatory photography projects.

We are embarking on a series of activities in support of better ethical practice with photography, community engagement, and participation. If you would like to discuss working with PhotoVoice to strengthen your ethical image use, contact us here.

Featured image: © Jamie Woodley,