PhotoVoice Portfolio Review 15th October, 2016

PhotoVoice is excited to announce that it will be hosting exclusive project portfolio reviews for its members on October 15th. In a one-to-one session with our Project Managers, you will gain their expert advice on your participatory photography project. This special event would benefit anyone that is running or designing their own participatory photography project, and who would like feedback from a highly experienced staff team.

This event is part of PHOTOBLOCK 2016, a special photography event that brings organisations together to collaborate and share ideas at the Old Truman Brewery in east London.

This is an exclusive event and there is limited availability. Please note that to join this event you must select a session below and your ticket will only be valid for that specific time slot.

If you interested in this event but it is sold out please contact us and you will be added to a waiting list.



PhotoVoice Projects Manager, Becky Warnock

Becky joined PhotoVoice in 2015. She specialises in using participatory practice across different art forms, working with many vulnerable community groups, particularly prisoners, ex-offenders and young people at risk. She is the former Head of Arts at Only Connect and is currently studying for an MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the London College of Communication. Becky is also a freelance photographer, artist, filmmaker and designer who creates innovative, community engaged art, powered for social change.

PhotoVoice Projects Manager, Kate Watson

Kate joined PhotoVoice in 2015. Combining her visual arts background with an MA in Human Rights and International Politics in which she focused her research on gender politics, Kate has worked extensively to develop and deliver participatory research and development projects which address human rights and social justice issues. Kate has drawn upon her experience in project management, research and facilitation to support diverse communities to use participatory media and photography as a catalyst for dialogue, empowerment and creative advocacy, fostering sustainable positive social change.


Below is a map of the venue and PhotoVoice is located in room T5.