An exhibition of prints to support PhotoVoice


Over the years, PhotoVoice has been championed by many inspiring photographers. From sharing their insights and expertise to donating their time, their support has been invaluable in helping us to deliver innovative projects all over the world.

Several such photographers have donated prints to PhotoVoice, and in a celebration of their work and help, we are delighted to launch a new exhibition at Sunbeam Studios, a photographic, film and event studio in west London.

From now until April, the Sunbeam lobby area has been filled with beautiful, editioned and signed prints, available to purchase. All proceeds will support PhotoVoice’s charitable activities.

Also on show is the PhotoVoice project Having Our Say3, where young people affected by sexual exploitation reflect on and make sense of their experiences. Their insights fed into a new resource to be used by service providers and professionals.

A special invite only closing event will take place in April.

Sunbeam Studios

Ladbroke Hall

79 Barlby Road


W10 6AZ

Exhibiting photographers include:

Thomas Allen, Drawstring, 2012

Playing the role of scientist, Allen enlists mid 20th-centry books on the natural phenomenon of science (astronomy, physics, electricity, biology) and establishes a magical world in which a mother busily sews her own version of “string theory”.


Signed Verso, 1/10, £500

Brian Aris, Bob Geldof, Malaysia, 1982

Brian Aris began his photographic career as a photojournalist, working for a London agency. Over the next nine years a series of frontline assignments took him around the world – to cover the civil unrest and riots at the start of the troubles in Northern Ireland, the plight of Palestinian children in Jordan, the civil war in Lebanon, famine in Africa and the war in Vietnam, where he worked until the final days of the conflict in Saigon. He then decided on a complete change of direction and beagn to photograph rock stars such as Blondie, The Jam, The Clash, The Boomtown Rats, Roxy Music and The Police.

Signed Verso, 1/8, £1,350

Signed Verso, 1/8, £1,350


 Nicolas Bruant, Route Kenya Msai Mara, 2005

Nicloas Bruant is a French commercial photographer. In his personal work, he abandons the glamour and focuses on creating black and white images. Nicolas has produced five books including Wild Beasts, which complies thirty years of images of African wildlife. His work has been exhibited widely throughout the world including The Barry Friedman Gallery, New York; The Bigger Picture Gallery, London; and the Galerie St. Pére, Paris.

Signed Verso, 1/8, £1,350

Signed Verso, 1/8, £1,350

Romano Cagnoni, Biafra, 1968

Romano Cagnoni was born in 1935 in Tuscany, and left for London in 1958, initially working with Simon Guttmann (who introduced Robert Capa to photography). He produced documentaries on oppression, conflict and rebellion. Harold Evans, former Sunday times editor, wrote that Cagnoni is one of the most famous photographers in the world, alongside Henry Cartier-Bresson, Bill Brandt, Don McCullin and Eugene Smith.


Signed, printed 2011, £1,500

Jillian Edelstein, Porcupine Quill Headdress, 2008

Beautiful porcupine headers worn by Sangoma (traditional healer) in Badimong Valley – Maluti Mountains on Lesotho – South Africa border.

Signed Recto, 1/12, £1000

Signed Recto, 1/12, £1000


 Martina Hoogland Ivanow, Satellite, 2010

 Martina Hoogland Ivanow was born in Paris and New York. Her photographs have been featured in AnOther Magazine, Dazed and confused and many more.

Limited Edition, 2/4, £1,800

Limited Edition, 2/4, £1,800

Philip Jones Griffiths GB. WALES, 1961

Philip Jones Griffiths was born in Wales. He photographed Vietnam from 1966 to 1971 and his book on the war, Vietnam Inc., crystallised public opinion and gave form to western misgivings about American involvement in Vietnam. An associate member of Magnum since 1966, Grifiths became a member in 1971. In 1980, Griffiths moved to New York to assume the presidency of Magnum, a post he held for a record five years.

“This young boy epitomizes Welsh ambivalent love for both rugby and music. This place, Pant-y-Wean, was once voted the most beautiful village in South Wales.”


Foundation Stamp, Printed 2012, £2,500


Gideon Mendel, Twin Daughters of a Love Story, 2009

Gideon Mendel is a leading contemporary photographer, his intimate style of image making and long-term commitment to projects has earned him international recognition and many awards, most recently the Pollok Prize for creativity.

“Jasmine and Jacqueline Moya are the adopted daughters of gay couple Raymond and Byron Moya. They are loving and committed parents who were married shortly before the passing of the Proposition 8, the law which banned gay marriage in California, 2008”

Signed Verso, 2/10, £1,500

Signed Verso, 2/10, £1,500

 Deirdre O Callaghan, Untitled

 One of the original Dazed and Confused magazine team, Deirdre remained on the staff for the five years before concentrating on her freelance career working mainly within the music industry, shooting bands and album work for all the major record labels.

Signed Verso, 1/10, £250

Signed Verso, 1/10, £250

Laura Pannack, Float, 2010

“Shaun swims at Phoenix naturist club.”

Laura Pannack is a London based photographer. She was educated at the University of Brighton and Central Saint Martins College of Art. Her work has been extensively exhibited and published both in the UK and internationally, including the National Portrait Gallery, The Houses of Parliament, Somerset House and the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Signed Verso, 1/5, £500

Signed Verso, 1/5, £500

John Swannell, Martindale, Cumbria 1999

John Swannell was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in 1993, and has been commissioned to photograph the royal family on numerous occasions. His very distinctive, individual style in both fashion and beauty photography has been featured in vogue, Harpers & Queen, The Sunday Times and Tatler. His work is held in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh and London, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Signed Recto, £1,000

Signed Recto, £1,000


Featured image: © John Swannell, Martindale, Cumbria 1999