Support PhotoVoice at the PhotoShelter Lemonade Stand

26th May 2016

Support PhotoVoice by purchasing a lovely glass of lemonade at LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph. PhotoShelter, a photography company that provides tools and customisable website templates for photographers is hosting a lemonade stand and Photobooth. In return for a small donation to PhotoVoice you will get a glass of lemonade.

LOOK3 festival is based in Charlottesville, Virginia. The festival celebrates photography and challenges assumptions by presenting diverse work by a variety of artists. This year LOOK3 will host photography talks, exhibitions, morning photography walks and a pop-up book fair. Visit the PhotoShelter stall to find out more about their innovative tools that aim to simplify how photographers manage their business from creating a website to print sales.

PhotoVoice believes that no one should be denied the right to speak out and be heard. Through the support of our members and companies like PhotoShelter PhotoVoice will continue to put cameras in the hands of underrepresented communities.


Feature image: © James 2015 | PhotoVoice | Sense | ‘TouchBase’ | UK