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PhotoVoice Charity promotes the use participatory photography as a tool for advocacy, awareness-raising, and monitoring and evaluation. Putting it simply, we put cameras in the hands of those who are often in front of the lens, giving them the chance to tell their own story.

In previous years, around 85% of our income was spent on our projects and communications work, and our focus is always on project delivery rather than fundraising. This means we’re reliant on a range of different supporters to help contribute to the success of the charity, while ensuring we remain a strong champion of ethical photography. We pride ourselves on our transparency which means you can be certain that your donation will be used in the right way.

You can also support PhotoVoice Charity through payroll giving, provided by CAF Bank. This scheme allows donations to be made directly by your employer, providing charities with more from your donation. For example, a £24 donation would result in PhotoVoice Charity receiving £30. If you would like to find out more information, or see if your employer is registered, please visit here.

Please note that PhotoVoice and PhotoVoice Charity are separate organisations, working in parallel. Any donations made to PhotoVoice Charity can be gift-aided, and PhotoVoice Charity may use donations to commission PhotoVoice to deliver activities to help further its charitable aims and objectives. You can find out more about PhotoVoice and PhotoVoice Charity here

If you would like to leave PhotoVoice Charity a gift in your will, please visit here.

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