Gender Voice Power
Gender Voice Power shares participatory photography skills with women to facilitate the involvement of gendered perspectives in climate decision making.
BRACED – Building Resilience and Adaption to Climate Extremes and Disasters
Building resilience in communities vulnerable to climate extremes and disasters in high-risk locations in Ethiopia.
‘Through the people’s lens’ – stories of development progress told through photography
PhotoVoice has teamed up with UK think-tank the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) for an exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society, London, which will exhibit photos and digital stories by community members in China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nepal, Peru and Tunisia to...
development progress
Development Progress
Introducing photography to those at the grassroots of development.
voice of freedom
Voice of Freedom
A project that works with women who have escaped trafficking in Sudan and Sinai.
CAFOD Wash Project
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A water and sanitary health project in Zimbabwe.