PhotoVoice launches new resource to tackle child sexual exploitation
After two years of development, PhotoVoice has launched a new resource to help provide support for young people affected by, or at risk of sexual exploitation in the UK. Developed through direct engagement with young people, and drawing upon up-to-date...
The ‘Having Our Say 3’ Resource
The PhotoVoice project ‘Having Our Say 3’ works with young people affected by sexual exploitation. It offers a creative space for young people to share their perspectives on relationships, the role of the internet, and communication with adults. Participants on...
National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day
On the second National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day our Projects Manager Becky Warnock gives a detailed look into the work that PhotoVoice has been doing with the National Working Group.   18th March 2016 marks the second National Child Sexual...
have our say 3
Having Our Say 3
A project that works with young people affected by sexual exploitation and trafficking.
have our say too
Having Our Say Too
A project to enable young people to use photography and digital story telling to express the impact of sexual exploitation.