Team Building – Using Photography to Support Better Team Communication

A training course to promote team-building and more effective communication between team members

About PhotoVoice's Team Building Training

PhotoVoice is delighted to be able to provide a new training course designed to promote team-building and more effective communication between team members. This short workshop will:

  • Strengthen communications between team members
  • Provide new ways for individual viewpoints to be shared and understood
  • Facilitate better working relationships
  • Encourage team building through shared activities, with a tangible output which can be shared with others
  • Use photography and individual perspective to build confidence and encourage self-expression

What Does the Course Cover?

No photographic experience is necessary, all equipment is provided, and you don’t need to be a ‘creative’ person. The course will provide support and guidance in sharing perspectives through photography with others, and how these skills can result in more effective communications and understanding.

During the course, attendees will:

  • Explore their perspectives and views through considering other people’s photography
  • Complete a photographic treasure hunt
  • Share their photos with others and discuss them
  • Discuss subjectivity in photography
  • Explore ways in which photography can be a springboard for better communications
  • Explore how photography can be an effective way to share perspectives and intentions
  • Work with text to help effectively share photographs and viewpoints

What Will the Course Deliver?

By the end of the course, attendees will:

  • Have learnt new ways to express themselves, and understand the perspectives of others
  • Have gained insights into photographic storytelling
  • Be better able to distinguish between objective and subjective photography and how that relates to other forms of communication
  • Understand the importance of ‘intention’
  • Understand how our own stories change the way we interpret or respond to stories from others

This fast-paced course can have up to ten attendees, and takes place over two consecutive days, with each workshop lasting three hours.

Team Building Training Feedback

"Thank you so much! This was a lot of fun and very interesting. Would definitely do something like this in the future."

"Would happily do more! Really made me think about the relationship between photographer and audience, and how people will see things according to their own experience."

"Nine of the Garden Studios team, from a cross section of the business, spent an uplifting two half-days learning about photography, communication, and each other. In a fast paced, relaxed and supportive environment, PhotoVoice encouraged us to reflect, observe, communicate and collaborate outside of our day-to-day.  It was a positive experience which encouraged team bonding along with creative photographic output, which is now exhibited for all staff to see."

Fiona Hammond, Garden Studios

"Thank you for an exceptional course that was delivered in an engaging way, and in a relevant/appropriate way for the audience."

"I enjoyed the warm and playful approach to photography, as well as taking pictures."

"I didn't always enjoy speaking in front of the group as I am quite anxious, but the nature of the course and everyone participating (including the facilitation) made me actually feel more comfortable about sharing."

Evaluation Summaries

Collated Feedback 2023
  • The course met my objectives: 100% agree or strongly agree
  • I enjoyed this course: 100% agree or strongly agree
  • I would recommend this course: 100% agree or strongly agree
  • The course content met my expectations: 100% agree or strongly agree
Ratings Average (out of 5)
  • The facilitator: 5
  • The workshop content: 4.75
  • The workshop length: 4.38

Pricing and Enquiry Form

The course can be delivered in-person anywhere in the world, for £1,750 plus any direct expenses (including travel costs and accommodation if required).

To enquire about this training, please complete the below form:

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