Ten Questions with… Dan Gaba

PhotoVoice is interviewing established photographers to gain a wider insight into the power of photography and the different approaches to ethical issues. This month, we interviewed Dan Gaba, Photo Editor at the Wall Street Journal on his photography and passion for the medium.

Dan Gaba is the judge for the July PhotoVoice photography competition. Submit your photographs before 27/07/2017 and your work could be featured in Professional Photography magazine and exhibited at the London Photo Show

Where did it all begin and why did you chose photography and not another medium?

Oh, it kinda chose me. I was a clerk at The New York Times, I filled in at the Photo Desk a lot and eventually I became one of their full time clerks. So…they paid me, that got me started in Photography. Ha!

Tell us a bit about your approach to photography.

I love composition and I love when a photographer really shows me something of themselves.

© Dan Gaba, Brixton

© Dan Gaba, Brixton

How do you decide if something is worthy of being captured?

I still don’t know the answer to that question.

Is there a single image that defines you as a photographer?

Oh no, I haven’t taken that image yet, but it’s fun looking for it.

Can photography bring about positive social change?

It can help. People bring about positive social change, photography can be a powerful tool for those people.

© Dan Gaba, Greece

© Dan Gaba, Greece

Has charity photography changed since you started?

Honestly, it’s not a genre of photography I’ve studied so I don’t really know. Sorry about that; I’ll have a look and get back to you.

What is your approach to the ethics of photography?

If you’re going to lie to me, be honest about it.

What is your greatest achievement as a photographer?

If I could take a candid pic and help the subject feel good about themselves, help them see themselves as they would like to be seen, in a way they didn’t know they could be seen, that would be good. Whenever I do that, I’ve achieved something.


© Dan Gaba, Florence

How important do you think equipment is?

Well, the best camera is the one you have with you, so, have a camera with you at all times – whatever camera you like to use.

Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?

Talk less, shoot more.

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Featured Image: © Dan Gaba, London