The ‘Having Our Say 3’ Resource

The PhotoVoice project ‘Having Our Say 3’ works with young people affected by sexual exploitation. It offers a creative space for young people to share their perspectives on relationships, the role of the internet, and communication with adults.

Participants on the project created digital stories using their own photography and narratives. Their insights have fed into a new resource to be used by industry professionals and practitioners. The resource uses the digital stories to help inspire group activities and discussions that will help other young people to identify warning signs and understand relationships better.

PhotoVoice Projects Manager, Becky Warnock is trialling the resource in institutions and organisations across the UK before the final resource is launched in the next few weeks.

Lambeth Councils’ Violence Against Women and Girls Co-ordinator, Stacey Bradburne writes:

“I like that professionals who aren’t necessarily creative could run all of them, big bonus for us. Really helpful to have examples included in the exercises, as this is good guidance for thinking about what I would want the young people to be considering in their discussions.

Overall, I think it’s a versatile, incredibly useful resource for professionals. It guides the trainer, yet gives them freedom to explore relevant issues dependent on the group type.

Fantastic work! Thank you for showcasing it to us!”

Find out more and sign up for the resource here:

Sophia’s Story

Sophia from PhotoVoice on Vimeo.

Zarin’s Story

Zarin from PhotoVoice on Vimeo.

Featured image:  “Sometimes it’s a good idea for young people to deactivate all of their social media accounts, and only give your number to someone you know and trust – people that are nice to you.” © Billie 2016 | PhotoVoice | NWG | ‘Having Our Say 3’ | UK