Think 26 for PhotoVoice


On the 26th of April, Tom Crossley will be running 26 miles in the London Marathon for PhotoVoice.

If you would like to sponsor him, even just £1 a mile then please visit his Virgin Money Giving Page.

Because we thought that it was too much of a coincidence that the 26-mile marathon is taking place on the 26th of April, we’ve decided to ask people to fundraise for PhotoVoice on the same day by doing 26 things.

So far, we’ve got someone walking 26 miles to raise money for PhotoVoice and someone else will be taking a photo every hour for the 26th (plus 2 more on the 27th).

So what could you do?

Could you get creative and bake 26 cakes in the shape of a camera? Or take 26 selfies with different people? Squeeze 26 photos out of 24 exposures of film?

Whatever it is, we would love to hear about it. In return for your support, we can set you up with a Virgin Money Giving Page, promote what you are doing on our website and give you some key messages to drum up support.

Get thinking and let us know! Contact us at

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